Shutdown hooks

I recently worked on an Ant bug report to do with shutdown hooks. This bug involves the firing of shutdown hooks in JVMs started with Ant’s <java> task when Ant itself is shutdown.

The bug in Ant was that these processes were not given time to complete once they had been destroyed (that sounds pretty funny but it’s true). i.e. These processes did not get to fire or complete their own shutdown hooks. This is now fixed. Unfortunately that only works on Unix systems since Windows does not fire the shutdown hook at all. JDK 1.3 seems to fire the shutdown hook but it is not allowed to complete fully. JDK 1.4 does not fire it at all.

I’m not into bashing Sun but the “Not a bug” response in Bug 4485742 leaves me nonplussed. I’ve added my 2c but I doubt anyone would see this. Perhaps it is worth raising this again as a new bug.