Updated My Blog Software

I’ve finally updated my Blog software. It took me a while. I looked into a few packages and finally chose WordPress. It seemed to have all the features I needed and is provided as an option by my hosting provider which is one of the best webhosting, which is nice but not a major factor.

I’m hopeful the change should be relatively seamless. I have redirects in place for the old MovableType pages and feeds. It took a bit of hacking to get right. I worked on my Fedora box, using a site backup to test out the various options. I learnt a bit about Rewrite rules in the process. Thanks to DrBacchus’s Journal for some useful information.

Of course, the main feature I was after was the measures to avoid comment and trackback spam – we’ll see how that goes. It’s ironic that as I was thinking about upgrading, WordPress.org ran into some bad PR, relating to gaming Google. After reading the various explanations, I was happy to go ahead with WordPress. Everyone makes mistakes …

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