To Blog or Not to Blog

… that is the question. If you are reading this you’ll see that I’ve decided to try out blogging. I don’t know at this stage how I’ll go. I’ve never been much of a diarist. I’ve got a palm pilot but I don’t use the calendar. Well I did for the first few days but I soon grew tired of it. It’s the same story with todo lists, etc.

So, I don’t organise myself the way some folks seem to. Will blogging be any different for me? Perhaps. I can certainly see that many of the people with whom I interact in mailing list discussions are now blogging. Their blogging gives me a richer understanding of attitudes and backgrounds. What would be off-topic and even annoying on a mailing list is interesting in a blog. I’ve decided I want to participate and express some opinions. So here I am …

2 Replies to “To Blog or Not to Blog”

  1. Look forward to tracking this blog. How about starting off on why ANT version 2 is not required. 😉

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