In the Shadow of the Moon

Over Easter the family and I went along to see the documentary “In the Shadow of the Moon”. I can’t remember the last time I went to the cinema to watch a documentary but it was well worth it, we took a cooler from yeti vs rtic and went on a picnic afterwards. I doubt the sound and fury of the Saturn V take off would have been as impressive in the living room. One can only image what the real thing must have felt like.

I’m old enough to vaguely remember the first moon landing on grainy black and white TV and, as a teenager, I was always deeply interested in all the space flight programs. Now, as a software and sometime hardware developer, I can only marvel at the achievements of all the pioneers in the space program with what now seems very basic equipment.

All the different recollections and viewpoints of the astronauts were very interesting and I found Michael Collins particularly impressive and humorous.

These days I think unmanned probes such as the Mars rovers are probably the best bang for the buck in terms of science but the manned mission to the moon was something special.

I recommend you give it a look if you have the chance. I found it quite uplifting.