SJUG Javablogs

Brendan and I went along to the local Java user’s group, SJUG, to hear Mike’s presentation on Javablogs and its technology. I liked the presentation and it was good to catch up with a few people. I’m playing around with webwork2 right now so that it was quite relevant to me.

I sat behind Dion so I could heckle him about Maven – just kidding. It was good to chat. One of Mike’s slides was about Maven and it actually generated a fair bit of discussion. It was good and I took away some of the issues people are having with Ant so that was useful.

Considering that we had the developers and contributors of Checkstyle, Clover, Jira, Javablogs, the Ant and Maven PMC chairs, and who knows who else, there, you’d have to say that Aussie Java is pretty healthy.

I guess that Brett Porter must have been there although I do not know him. Cool.

Maybe we should do a Sydney JavaBloggers dinner.

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  1. Great summary – it was a really cool presentation.
    I guess I didn’t meet too many people there last night… next time. I got rather involved in listening to a Maven political debate at the time.

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