Pimping My Build

JavaOne was a little different for me this year for two reasons. It was my first time as part of Atlassian and also the first time I have been a speaker.

Atlassian’s booth was really busy and consistently so for all the pavilion sessions.  Being on a booth is hard work although you get into a groove after a while. I thought the ball sorting demo of the Java Real-Time beside us would be annoying but it wasn’t so bad in the end.

I like the fact that the booth was mostly staffed by developers from all the Atlassian product teams. As a developer it’s nice to connect to customers directly.

Speaking at JavaOne was a bit of an adventure. Since our session was on Thursday, it did hang over me a little for the first few days. In the end, however, it was quite good fun. We had way more people come along that I had expected when we first thought about submitting a talk. Our talk was fairly light hearted but we had some messages to deliver. Hopefully the people who came along had some fun and took away a few ideas to make their builds better.

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