Pair On Baby

I remember reading Kent Beck’s first book on extreme programming. I kept thinking that it expressed the essence of how code was actually developed even when developers were following a heavyweight process. I kept experiencing those “yeah” moments where everything Kent had to say just made sense.

Today’s new product releases from our company, Cenqua, give me that same feeling. The pairon just makes sense. If the idea of pair programming has been holding you back from embracing change, then these babies are just the ticket. I’m sure they even have uses beyond pair programming …

If you can’t pair program, for whatever reason, then the commentator is the next best thing. If you want to have that feeling of an experienced partner looking over your shoulder, just knowing what your trying to express, well you couldn’t ask for more.

We’re very happy with these new products. It’s a bit of a new direction for us but we’re really happy to hit our target release dates. That’s very important to understanding these products.