Jakarta’s Mediocrity

I’ve started reading Mike Cannon-Brookes’ blog recently. I can’t read it with Mozilla – it’s a guaranteed segfault – but it is worth reading nonetheless. He blogs recently about Jakarta’s mediocrity based on this blog entry. Jakarta may well be mediocre, at least in parts, but there really isn’t some marketing machine pushing this down your throat. Mike’s right when he says

Think. Yes, Think. For yourself.

I’d even add “Rethink, regularly”. If something in Jakarta floats your boat, use it. If not, well, find something better. Don’t be a lemming.

I did find it ironic, however, that the BileBlog is served by Apache Tomcat/4.1.24. Is that a production system?

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  1. Yes, BileBlog is sitting atop a giant mountain of Jakarta software: Tomcat, DBCP, Struts, Velocity, Commons, Log4J, etc. – all working together to provide Mr. Bile a prominent soap box from which to bash Jakarta.

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