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I’ve never really used a News Aggregator much. I’ve played with them a bit but not much. Today I was playing with SharpReader. It looks OK but I’d prefer something Java based. Anyway I did realize that my feeds were pretty poor. They just contained excerpts etc., not very friendly. I just relied on the default MovableType install for that stuff, till now.

I’ve tried to improve the feeds today and also I’m more interested in the various feed types now (all that stuff I keep reading about on Sam’s blog). I also need to learn a bit more about MT, which might be a challenge :-).

Any recommendations for Java based aggregators?

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  1. If you want the full body text in your RSS output, login into MT and change the RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 templates. Look for the “description” element and change it from $MTEntryExcerpt to $MTEntryBody. That’s it!

  2. For pete’s sake, don’t change your feed to display the entire content, please! Some aggregators (e.g. AmphetaDesk) don’t separate out titles and content, so a feed full of content is one _really_ long item, and it’s a bear to scroll past to reach the next blog.

    Yours has been one of the more readable blog feeds of the 40-odd I read. Interesting, too. Thanks.

  3. If you are using Mozilla, Newsmonster is mostly Java. Though its not open source, so I’m not sure that does much for you. If you want something open source, Flock is a J2EE webapp similar to Amphetadesk.

  4. nntp//rss is a Java aggregator that enables the reading of RSS feeds within your existing NNTP newsreader (Outlook Express, Mozilla, Entourage etc). It’s currently at v0.3, with v0.4 due for release in the near future.

    [Disclaimer: nntp//rss is my project]

  5. Yeah… I use NewsMonster. The backend is Java and the frontend is JavaScript/XPCOM/XUL. Very easy to hack… source included 🙂

    You can build from CVS if you want to use the PRO version.

    News version out in a few days. Will support a 3pane interface, probably search, new XUL bindings for managing subscriptions, and of course lots of bug fixes.

    Then the last beta should be out a week after that. Don’t want to announce the feature set but it should be really amazing. 🙂

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