ICFP Results

As I mentioned previously, I made an entry for ICFP 2004 and today the results were announced. My best result put me in 195th place which I don’t consider too bad for a solo effort (ok, I’m rationalizing, here).

What I did find interesting, however, was the distribution of languages used. Besides the functional programming languages, which you’d expect to find in this competition (such as OCaml and Haskell), it’s interesting to note a few things.

  • C++ is still very popular
  • Java is popular too. Who said it wasn’t used by hackers?
  • Java looks to be more popular than C# in this population
  • Somebody used bash – what a legend

Ok, it’s not a statistically significant sample, of course, and I’ve just highlighted the relative standings of the languages with which I’m most familiar (all you Python and Lisp fans can draw your own conclusions), but it is interesting to see the language choices of a group where I think most of the entrants would consider themselves hackers (or at least people who code for enjoyment)