F1 fan dying of boredom

Ever since Alan Jones won the Formula 1 championship, I’ve been following Formula-1. Before that there was no coverage in Australia. Being an F1 fan in Australia requires a certain stamina since the evens are shown late on a Sunday night.

I think last night’s Hungaroring yawnfest could be the end of the line for me. Even the commentators noted that the most exciting part of the telecast was watching Ross Brawn eat a banana. While the previous round at Hockenheim had produced some racing it was like an addict getting his last fix before kicking the habit.

It isn’t about Schumacher and Ferrari being totally dominant, although that is a problem in itself. It’s about the fact that in most races what little passing that does happen, happens in the pits. How about some actual racing for a change? These days it seems the real excitement in F1 is about the race to get a seat.

Think I’ll have to stick to the tin-tops.