CSS Pain

I decided to update my blog look and feel. I normally don’t play much in the UI space but I figured I’d have a crack at it to improve my skills.

After mucking around with float:left, auto margins and friends, I can’t help but wonder what really was the problem with using tables?

I’ll keep at it.

5 Replies to “CSS Pain”

  1. +1! It’s like everything else though, tables can be overused (spacer.gif hell anyone?) and so can CSS.

    The thing with CSS is that one probably needs to “plan” a bit more before starting, in terms of organising the styles and how you’re going to use them but I guess the payoff is that it will be a lot easier to revamp the site next time around…

  2. Because with tables you can’t make the layout as fluid as you can with floats and margins (though these kinds of layouts are a bit tricky but responsiveness matters too). Why not use Modern CSS layout techniques like flexbox? It has got good browser support and will save you from horror-ism of floats and margins. Google about it there’s a lot of info, articles and and tutorials on it. Don’t forget to check it’s stuff on CSS-tricks.com too.


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