JavaOne 2007

I’m at JavaOne again this year. I’ll be on the Cenqua booth (#724) if you want to come along and have a chat. I’ve been working pretty hard recently in helping get FishEye 1.3 and Crucible 1.0RC1 out. I’m really happy with these releases. If you are interested in having a look or just want to drop in for a chat, come along to the booth.

I’m tossing up with having a go at the race car challenge in this year’s show but don’t know if I’ll have enough time to do a good job. We’ll see.

My Google WTF Moment

If you ever read the dailyWTF, you’ll know they occasionally have a gallery of funny dialogs, messages, etc. Today I had a WTF moment when attempting to login to Google Apps for Your Domain:


I did wonder if this was some sort of advanced captcha approach 🙂

Testing Testing

I know we all create test data with the “Test, please ignore” but I still found it funny when it appeared as a link in my local paper’s online edition:

SMH Testing

I’m sure that wasn’t supposed to make it to production. The horse story on the other hand …

IE7 Upgrade Fun

A while ago I installed the IE7 beta on my laptop. Today I thought I’d upgrade to the real thing. This made me laugh:


I never really bought that line about IE being part of the operating system but it seems that now even Microsoft can’t get rid of it once you install it 🙂

Subversion 1.4 Gotchas

I have recently been doing some testing with Subversion 1.4 and I have run into a few little gotchas which I though would be worth sharing.

When you update your working copy with the 1.4 client, you won’t be able to use a previous version of the Svn client on that working copy. If you do, you’ll get

svn: This client is too old to work with working copy ‘.’; please get a newer Subversion client

That will also stop IntelliJ from being able to operate with the working copy and everything will come up red since, presumably, the IntelliJ SVN component does not understand the new format repository.

When we build FishEye we run tests using both the native JavaHL jar and tmate’s JavaSVN. Unfortunately tmate does not handle the repository format version created by Subversion 1.4’s svnadmin command.

Finally, the javahl jar provided with the 1.4 build from tigris will only run on JDK 1.5 (and later) since, I assume, the -target option was not provided when it was built.

It’s all pretty minor stuff but worth being aware.