Matt asks whether To Adsense, or not based on this article by Aaron Swartz.

This seems like another good idea from Google although I am a bit wary of advertising for a few reasons. To be effective, advertising becomes intrusive, almost by its nature. If the click rates drop, will Bloggers start to make the ads more intrusive. Also advertising sometimes can skew content to the more sensational and perhaps more populist points of view because that can attract more readers. Look at the BileBlog.

On the other hand, having a blog that paid for itself would be nice too. It requires more thought.

Improving my feeds

I’ve never really used a News Aggregator much. I’ve played with them a bit but not much. Today I was playing with SharpReader. It looks OK but I’d prefer something Java based. Anyway I did realize that my feeds were pretty poor. They just contained excerpts etc., not very friendly. I just relied on the default MovableType install for that stuff, till now.

I’ve tried to improve the feeds today and also I’m more interested in the various feed types now (all that stuff I keep reading about on Sam’s blog). I also need to learn a bit more about MT, which might be a challenge :-).

Any recommendations for Java based aggregators?