Ant 1.6 Developments

I’ve not been able to work on Ant much lately due to other commitments – things like the Bathurst 1000, Rugby World Cup, work, etc. In fact I have been doing some of .net development but more on that later.

Many of the other Ant developers have been busy however, working on the issues surrounding <macrodef> and <local>. Right now, <local> will be held over for the next release and <macrodef> gets a new attribute substitution syntax. I reckon we’ll have a new beta (Beta 3) next week sometime.

Someone recently asked how stable the Ant betas are. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation. If nobody tests the beta then it is sure that the beta is as stable as the following release. IMHO, it’s better to give the beta a whirl now so that we can fix any showstoppers without needing to do another release.

In other Ant news, we’ve added Peter Reilly and Antoine LÚvy-Lambert to the Ant PMC.

Finger Phones

I came across this article today. about a finger-based mobile phone where you stick your finger in your ear. Hmmm, that’s going to look pretty funny.

Blog comment Spam

Unfortunately, my blog has begun to attract a lot of spam comments. I’ve been cleaning them up as they come in but enough is enough – I’ve now disabled comments. Any better solutions for Moveable Type?