Ant wins JavaWorld award

Ant has won the 2003 JavaWorld Editors’ choice award for
Most Useful Java Community-Developed Technology.

Ant also won this award in 2002. There’s a little blurb about the award where I was quoted, although the quote probably sounded funny. As Matt, the wit, said “What a contribution to the world of contributions that sentence is (if I might make that contribution)”. The full text of what I said was:

Platform independence is important as it allows a single build file to work reliably on a number of different platforms. This is important in Open Source projects because the people contributing code use a variety of platforms. The ability for a contributor to easily build the code for a project makes it easier to contribute and also to integerate their contributions.

Anyway, the award is testament to the hard work of a lot of people who keep Ant going along. I’m looking forward to Ant 1.6

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  1. Well done Conor and the guys. A well deserved award. Without ANT, the Java development community (both open-source and commercial) would not be as strong as it is today.

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