Ant pipes?

A while ago Duncan published a Blog entry quoting somebody saying that in Ant we’d forgotten some old Unix lessons such as the stringing together of simple filter operations in pipes. I can’t find the entry now since Duncan has rebuilt his blog on a new server. At the time I had a quick think about it and was not sure how we could provide the concept of a pipe in Ant. I didn’t get very far and let it go. Nevertheless, that thought has been jangling around in my head since then.

I recently saw a bug report in Ant about sorting the output of <echoproperties>. The normal approach would be to bung in a new attribute to control sorting of the output and just do that. But that does not make the functionality available to other Ant tasks. The idea of a pipe appealed

So, I wonder if a pipe could be created, something like this


The pipe would route the log output of one task to an input method on the subsequent task for additional processing. Anyway, I’m at something of a low ebb right now and not in the mood to code so I thought I’d throw these thoughts out there for some feedback.

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  1. I have long felt the need for <filterwriter> that is something similar to <filterreader> but works on the output stream/writer rather than the input stream. I haven’t yet found the energy to code it though. The way I had conceptualized it was:

        <sort ascending=”true”/>
        <head lines=”10″/>

    …placing the onus on the task to support <filterwriter>s.

    Chaining _tasks_ instead of <filterwriter>s seems to be a nice idea. Some hurdles to consider:

    If I want to <concat> a fileset into a dest file and transform the output in some way (say, sort) before writing into the dest file, I expect the task to work on the file output stream and not the stdout.

    I suppose tasks that write to stdout can benefit from <pipe>, and I guess there are use-cases for <filterwriter>s as well.

    What do you think?

  2. On Bugzilla 18976 someone asked for that and I had the same idea. But I had a problem with the redirector and didn´t get any response to my question on Ant-User.

    Anyway – I will read the two links provided by Stefan 🙂

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