Ant coverage with Clover

For the last week or two, I’ve helped out on the Clover project at Cortex. We’ve added a few Ant tasks to make it easier to integrate Clover into build files. Clover 1.1 has now been released so you can check out the features yourself.

One of the things I did while testing Clover was to generate historical coverage reports for Ant. I’ve uploaded the results for the Ant core and also for the complete Ant build.

The total coverage is always a lot lower than the core primarily because the optional tasks do not have many tests and for those that do, I generally don’t have the supporting libraries to be able to run the tests. 53% in the core is not that bad, although I want to use Clover to push that higher for Ant 1.6

I generated a coverage report for the first day of every month over the last two years. It’s quite interesting to look at the coverage improving over time and also the growth in the Ant codebase over time. I’m not sure if the dip at Jan 2002 is a problem in my setup or a real decline. It may be that some tests failed in this period. Failures used to halt the tests which would significantly affect the coverage.

In a future entry I’ll describe how I went about generating the coverage information over time.

I have to say that I love the graphs, mostly because I had to write that code using a process, known at Cortex, as gauntlet programming.

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