Ant Configuration Unknowns

I haven’t blogged for a while as I have been writing up an advanced Ant tutorial on Ant Configuration.

This tutorial is an in-depth walk-through of the process through which Ant takes an XML representation of a build file, creates the apprpriate objects and calls the appropriate methods.

Writing the article took a bit longer than I thought as I realised I needed to explain the history of how Ant’s configuration system came about. I also found and fixed a few bugs in the Ant 1.6 process as I was writing this. In fact, I actually started to write this as I was working on a bug. I needed to get a good understanding of the configuration process for myself.

I whipped up some diagrams for this using Dia. They are pretty poor and I may replace them when I get time but for now they may help a little.

I’m hoping this tutorial will help task writers understand the process and potentially to create more definitional tasks. I have some ideas myself …